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The Mermaid Connection

Mermaid Monday; Mermaid Connection

1. What inspired you to become a Mermaid?

When I was a little girl I used to sit on the bottom of the pool and pretend I was a mermaid. I grew up snorkelling, diving and island dreaming, We lived on a macadamia farm, we swam in dams and then  we moved on the canal and near the beach when I got older. So the beach and the water was in my blood. 

I have been freediving for about 4 years now, I started freediving because I had a blackout underwater surfing and became very fearful of the ocean, which didn’t sit well with me, so determined, I set out to overcome my fear. 

After a long journey of pushing myself, being persistent and resilient I finally became a freedive instructor so I could help others with similar fears, passion and dreams for the ocean.   

After becoming a freedive instructor, PADI released their Mermaid course and mermaiding lit my soul on fire! So it just made sense to me, as the next step to become a mermaid freedive instructor. I love the mystery around the legends, and I think deep down, those who truly love the ocean….. we are all mermaids inside.

2. What do you love MOST about Mermaiding? (ex: community, swimming, lifestyle etc)

I love how it makes you feel. It’s hard to describe it, to put it into words; it’s powerful. Calming, empowering, fun and joy, peaceful with a strong sense of community and connection. Connection to yourself within, connection to the water, connection to each other and connection to the animals in the ocean. As humans, connection is everything. 


I also adore the underwater photos! 


But as an instructor, I love seeing people learn how to hold their breath, I love seeing people their reaction when they are amazed at themselves and how surprised they are with themselves. It empowers people. I love it when people see their photos, and how excited they are to see themselves in a different light, to feel beautiful and strong yet feminine and non competitive. 


What I love most about the sport is how fast your body adapts to the aquatic environment. How fast it learns and how quickly ( when you allow it) you can feel really good!  

3. Where has been your favourite place to Mermaid swim? Where has been your least favourite?

My favourite place to mermaid swim is on any island with a clear sandy bottom. There’s just something about it, something magical, mystical and sensational. It just really makes my heart and soul smile. I get so excited! 

4. Why did you start Mermaiding? And how did you come up with your Mersona (mermaid name)

When you find something that you love doing and the tables turn from having to pay to do the sport you love so much,  to being paid to do something you love, and help others learn to feel safe, comfortable and grow the same love addiction, to that euphoric feeling, it’s indescribable. 


I was teaching freediving with my friends businesses and I was searching for something different to do in my life that filled my soul and lit me up.  (I’m a high school teacher) so I’ve always loved teaching and I’ve always loved the ocean, so it just made sense to put the two together, so when Mermaiding came into Australia as a certified PADI course my whole soul lit up on fire.


I was filled with childlike excitement, a spark that ignited a flame that has never gone out, and it’s been burning brightly ever since. I can’t stop thinking about new creative ways to do business. I wake up thinking about it and I go to sleep thinking about it and it doesn’t ever feel like work. It just fills a little space in my heart that feels like home. 

5. What are three things you cannot be a Mermaid without?

1. My camera 

2. My friends 

3. My smile and my excitement 

6. Do you have any favourite Mermaids that you follow?

Hannah Mermaid is an absolute goddess, and I also love Vero beach Mermaid too!

7. What advice would you give to others who want to be Mermaids?

Just do it!  Our job as humans is to just feel….. feel good, feel beautiful, feel special, feel relaxed, calm, and centered, to find joy, have fun, and smile. The rest will fall into place.  You’ll wonder why you never tried it earlier. 

8. What’s next for you? Any big Mermaid plans?

I am going to be running retreats on beautiful islands around Queensland. 

9. Where can people find you? (website/socials)

Facebook: The Mermaid Connection 

Insta : @themermaidconnection 



Mermaid Lauren

Originally from Oregon, Mermaid Lauren is a digital designer + illustrator now living in Sydney, Australia. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she spent her childhood swimming in waterfalls, learning about the world of Faeries and dreaming about being a Mermaid. When she isn't doing beach clean-ups with her local environmental groups or swimming in the ocean with friends, you can find her drawing comics about mermaids here. She also loves baby bunnies, Sailor Moon and bubble tea.


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